UMIGO Launch at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

UMIGO Launch at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

UMIGO (YoU Make It GO) is a transmedia property that is designed to engage children ages 6-8 in the exploration of science, technology and mathematical concepts.  UMIGO inspires kids to invent, build and create through collaborative interactive play. It is a math based property that features animated music videos containing original songs from artists such as Bootsy Collins and Biz Markie, an online interactive environment, mobile apps, books board games and more.  The world of UMIGO is populated by geometric building blocks known as UMIS.  The cast of characters includes Bit, the magic box, who gives learners the tools they need to navigate; Dizzy, the big, blue bundle of energy, who provides inspiration and Bean who will help learners execute tasks through her incredible know how.

UMIGO is funded by the Ready To Learn Television Program at the U.S. Department of Education and is a partnership that includes: Wildbrain Entertainment, the Michael Cohen Group (MCG), WTTW-Chicago, and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (CMOM).

The Michael Cohen Group is the research partner for UMIGO. The UMIGO project seeks to gain knowledge of how unmediated learning takes place with new media devices, as well as find new ways to make these technologies appropriate for formal, mediated settings such as classrooms.  In addition, we hope to learn whether the use of media-based interventions allow for a “continuum of learning,” as the content delivered via media platforms moves seamlessly from the classroom to the home and extends learning opportunities for young children.

UMIGO outreach programs seek to foster greater student academic achievement for elementary school aged children by working with organizations that target low-income children to promote school readiness.  By offering learning tools that use interactive digital platforms as well as multiple innovative technologies, UMIGO and its outreach partners will engage children in fun new ways to learn math skills.  The UMIGO outreach program will begin this Fall in 10 markets across the U.S., including New York City (Children’s Museum of Manhattan); Bangor, ME (Maine Discovery Museum);  Bozeman, MT (Bozeman Children’s Museum); Oak Ridge, TN (Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge); New Orleans, LA (Louisiana Children’s Museum); San Jose, CA (Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose); Chicago, Illinois (WTTW); Tacoma, WA (KBTC Public Television); Johnston, IA (Iowa Public Television); Carbondale, IL (WSIU).

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