Parents Investing in the Future with Touch Screen Devices

Parents Investing in the Future with Touch Screen Devices

Survey conducted by The Michael Cohen Group (MCG) gives insight on the purchase and motivations for the “it” gift this holiday season.

Leading research firm, The Michael Cohen Group, released the results today of a nationwide survey on parental attitudes towards purchasing a touch screen device for their children. The study, conducted from December 17th to 18th, polled 300 parents of children under 18 and found that 45% of parents surveyed have bought or intend to buy a touch screen device for their child this holiday season.

 Other findings include:

  • Parents surveyed earning $25,000 a year or below are just as likely to purchase a touch screen as parents earning $75,000 a year and above.
  • Children five and under are just as likely to receive a touch screen this holiday season as children age thirteen to eighteen.
  • Fifty-nine percent of parents with toddler and preschool age children purchased devices not specifically designed for children (e.g. Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire).

When asked about their motivations to purchase a touch screen, 64% of parents surveyed indicated that they wanted to help their child’s learning and education, about half of this number (34%) cited entertainment as their primary reason for purchasing a touch screen for their child. See chart for additional parental motivations.

“Children find the tactile exploration (tap, drag, swipe) to be a natural extension of the way they explore the world,” said Dr. Martha Hadley, Managing Director at The Michael Cohen Group. “It is not a surprise that educators and parents are quick to recognize the educational potential of these devices.”