Games For Change

Current Project


MCG finds evidence for social impact games.

Games for Change, founded in 2004, aims to produce and circulate games that can be used as educational tools and as a result, benefit society. MCG is currently working with Games for Change to improve the coherence and collaboration in how stakeholders work together, aligning creative design with evidence and research across disciplines. MCG focuses on the incredible diversity in the types of impact that games can have; by bringing together leaders from different domains (including civic engagement theorists,learning experts, mobile health researchers, game designers, etc.), we stay open to many kinds of impact.

Our first report in collaboration with Games for ChangeImpact with Games: A Fragmented Field is part one of an ongoing project that ambitiously seeks to get at the “big picture” for social impact games. We are actively looking for input and feedback from the community of social impact games in order to fully understand the scope of fragmentation in the field. This report, available for download and is now open for public comment at


Suggested Citation: Stokes, B., Walden, N., O’Shea, G., Nasso, F., Mariutto, G., & Burak, A. (2015).Impact with Games: A Fragmented Field. Pittsburgh, PA: ETC Press. Retrieved from